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Top 10 Highest paying affiliate programs

affiliate programs

Top 10 Highest paying Affiliate programs

Are you looking for a new income opportunity with the affiliate programs? Then you are in the right place, In this blog, we’ll learn about:

  • What is the Affiliate program?
  • How do they work?
  • How much can you earn with the Affiliate program?
  • Tell you the 10 Highest paying Affiliate programs according to our research.


affiliate programs

Nowadays, Affiliate programs are one of the best income sources, with this program you can get exclusive ways to earn money online. 

If you are a blogger then you have tons of ways to make money with these programs, you just have to find those companies who promote affiliate programs and pay the highest amount to promote their brands. 





You might have the question “what are affiliate programs and how do they work?”

how they work

Basically, affiliate programs are arrangements in which an online seller pays commission to affiliate websites that send them traffic. These websites post links to the seller site and are paid according to a specific agreement.

The amount they pay basically depends on the traffic you built on the seller site or perform some action on their site.

Also, some seller sites pay according to the number of people who buy something from their site and per click on the advertisement.

Although, selling products through affiliate marketing is the best way to sell products online. Also, it’s very effective marketing and cheap as compared to other methods.

Talking about how much you can earn with the Affiliate program?

Basically, earning with affiliate programs totally depends upon the market you gain to the company. On average if you are working with Low-level affiliates, you can earn up to $300 per day, with Middle-level affiliates, you can earn up to $300 per day to $3,000 each day, with High-level affiliates, you can earn above $3,000 per day.

Similarly, many affiliate programs offer $10,000 per day. But for this, you have a super ongoing website. 


Choosing the right Affiliate program that would help you out is a bit confusing right?

But it’s very important to choose the right affiliate program according to your audience because these programs are very costly and very time taking also. There are many affiliated programs in the market we suggest you best of them.

Well, we’ve suggested to you the best 10 Affiliate program that will help you out.

affiliate programs

  1. Shopify 
  2. SEMRush 
  3. ClickFunnels 
  4. Hubspot 
  5. Microsoft 
  6. Kinsta
  7. WordPress 
  8. ConvertKit 
  9. Instapage 
  10. 3DCart 

Let’s take a look in detail at these programs.

1. Shopify

If you’re friendly with the e-commerce world, might have chances you heard about Shopify. It is the most popular and worldwide used e-commerce platform basically designed for businesses, no matter what the size of the business.

Shopify is a fixed commission-based affiliate program that depends on the program a user has signed up for. They’ll give you 100% commission assurity on the first and second payments.

It is basically an enterprise-level technology that provides sellers a wonderful administration experience without the need of spending much money, and also provides you special resources. 

If you’re willing to sign up for a reliable and good secure affiliate program, then there are many reasons why you have to choose Shopify.

Cookie Validity: Cookies validity is up to 30 days.

Plans and Commissions: Its basic plan starts from $58. 


  • Its pricing is fairly good.
  • Provides you 100% commissions on the first two payments.
  • Its Affiliate portal is easy to use.
  • A full-time marketing manager is available for you.


  • While linking it’s a bit disorganized. 
  • Users have to wait for 2 months for receiving a commission.

2. SEMRush:

SEMRush offers an all-in-one marketing tool for the digital marketing profession. 

This platform is completely designed for professional use, it is paid for the tools and features it provide like comparing web traffic, backlinks, SEO data, metadata, and much more from our competitor’s website.

SEMRush affiliate program offers free registration for its top-paying program. Also, It offers a higher commission as compared to most of its competitors. You can earn a 40% commission every month for its successive sales.

It also offers services like e-commerce businesses, enterprises, and competitive research for the benefits.

CookieValidity: Saves your cookies for 10 years


  • It provides you a chat feature where they solve every problem you asked.
  • You can earn commissions up to 40%.
  • You get paid twice a month via PayPal or wire.
  • An automatic payment generating option is available.


  • If you are a beginner its pricing is fairly high.

3. ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels is a digital platform that helps people to optimize their sales and grow their businesses according to optimizing results.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program offers recurring commissions up to 30% on their following sales of subscription plans. It also offers a unique (One Funnel Away Challenge) that has a one-time fixed commission.

Its costs start from $100, and you’ll get 100% commission on what traffic you bring. 

Cookie Duration: ClickFunnels saves unlimited cookies for a lifetime, it uses a sticky cookie for tracking the customers in affiliate programs.


  • Cookies don’t get removed automatically and have a limitless lifetime.
  • Clickfunnels provides free affiliate training.
  • It also has a helping community.
  • They also Organize Gives away [Dream Car Contest].


  • You have to invest money to use their strategies.
  • You have to wait 45-60 days for your commission payments.

4. Hubspot:

Hubspot is one of the famous digital platforms that offer an exceptional set of inbound marketing tools for their users.

They are not just offering tools, but Hubspot also offers valuable content to very helpful marketers. Its affiliate program offers a huge amount of opportunity to earn a lot of income.

Hubspot lets you earn up to 1,000 per sale. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs, they also have a fixed commission-based program that has no limits, you can earn unlimited amounts with its affiliate program.

Cookie Validity: They save cookies for 90 days.


  • You get commissions up to $1,000 per sale.
  • Saving cookie length is great.
  • The Hubspot Affiliate Team is always up to help you out.


  • It is a very expensive program so you have to be very specific about the audience you’re promoting content for.
  • Catching users’ attention for this program is very difficult. 

5. Microsoft:

Microsoft also offers an Affiliate program that you are going to love.  You can do tons of things with it.

You can earn commission up to 10%, this commission varies from country to country or by their product also.


  • You get commissions up to 10%.
  • Promote both digital and physical products.
  • Both companies and single freelancers can apply for it.
  • This program is explained in detail on Microsoft.


  • You have to do a lot of work to create a stream. 
  • The commission rate is also not so high as compared to others.

6. Kinsta:

With regards to WordPress hosting, Kinsta is the lord, all things considered. It deals with every one of the necessities of a site while businesspeople center around developing their business. The easy-to-understand and amazing stage is loaded with cutting-edge highlights and accompanies a fast and straightforward establishment. 

Commission Type: Kinsta is one of the top-paying associate projects, which offers a fixed commission-put together a subsidiary program based on the kind of plan that a client has pursued. Alongside this, there is likewise an extra 10% repeating lifetime commission.

Cookie validity: Its validity up to  60 days


  • Some plans range from $30 to $1500 per month or more. 
  • Procure up to $50 to $500 per reference. 
  • It’s the best WordPress facilitating out there. 
  • Administrators and backing groups are consistently there to help you develop. 
  • When you make an evergreen piece of substance, that works for you inactively until the end of time. 
  • The organization is worth what it charges. 
  • Has incredible greeting pages. 
  • Incredible client experience is given.


  • The organization is impressive however starters will not compensate $1500+ only for the facilitating. 
  • You need to target Businesses that are raising genuine asset

7. WordPress:

WordPress.com is the best spot to assemble and have your online journals/sites right away. It is claimed by the AUTOMATIC organization. As of now, more than 33% of the sites on the web are facilitated by WordPress. 

Their reference program permits you to participate in and advance the paid plans.


  • The best organization in the entire world [I trust it since I utilize its VIP plans].
  • Acquire up to 20% commissions [Highest – $300 per sale]. 
  • Adored by their clients. 
  • Offers and limits [Almost every month]. 
  • They oversee about 80% of the SEO [You can utilize it for your potential benefit as an affiliate]. 


  • They oversee about 80% of the SEO [You can utilize it for your potential benefit as an affiliate]. 
  • Insufficient FAQs about the program.

8. Convertkit:

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that allows you to establish a strong connection with your audience and build trust with them. Once you gained their trust you can convert those into leads.

Landing pages are the best with regards to offering our plans to other people. To bring the main deal, you should simply make one eye-finding greeting page identified with your offer and you are as of now finished with 90% of the work. 

In this quick-moving world of hurrying around, who would not like to utilize email services to develop organizations and grow traffic? All things considered, what ConvertKit is the issue here. 

It’s an email specialist provider explicitly promoted towards small and big businesses that are needed to build their audience quickly.

Cookie validity: Cookies validity is up to 30 days


  • You’ll get a 30% commission.
  • You get a 14-day free trial for support affiliates.
  • Blog resources are also available.
  • When you provide content they work well.
  • Good SEO generates long-term results.


  • Availability of Deep linking is not present.
  • You have to wait for 60 days to get paid.
  • FAQs is not that much about their program

9. Instapage:

Instapage is a good platform for digital marketing, people who are looking forward to expanding their business online. This platform provides a feature like post-click advertising that pays you commission wherever the ad is clicked by people.

Instapage is an all-in-one solution for everything like landing pages, ad maps, collaboration, and many more.

Talking about commission Instapage offers a fixed and percentage-based returning commission on its plans. 

You can earn 50% of commission on your first payment along you can earn 30% commission on lifetime revenue share. 

Cookies validity: Its validity up to 120 days


  • Affiliate managers are there for helping.
  • Provides you a newsletter for knowledge.
  • Of course, it is a nice company.
  • Lots of creative content is there for you to start.
  • Marketing material is also available for help.
  • You don’t have to pay to join its affiliate program.


  • Sometimes you can feel insecure with Instapage security purposes.
  • Difficult to understand the Dashboard in the beginning.
  • Custom URLs are hard to build.

10. 3Dcart:

3Dcard is a web store solution that develops e-commerce software for other platforms. It is the best platform for those who are just starting their business with e-marketing. 

Also, it provides you all the features that are required to grow an online business.

Cookies validity: It’s cookie validity depends upon what plan you are choosing. It up to 30-360 days [Based on your choice]


  • They pay commissions up to  300%.
  • It also provides bonuses and incentives.
  • You get access to content marketing.
  • Generating rates are on an above average.


  • Slow customer support service. The support team takes some time to reply.
  • The commission rate is less.


As a blogger or master in your specialty, you can use the estimation of your local area through offshoot promoting. With the trust of your crowd, individuals are bound to purchase the items you suggest. That is the reason it’s essential to pick the correct brands to advance.

Partner advertising is perhaps the least demanding approach to create automated revenue. We trust this guide assisted you with picking the correct lucrative subsidiary projects.

In case you’re searching for additional approaches to discover partner pay openings check this article on How to discover subsidiary projects for your specialty.

Furthermore, If you’re as yet uncertain what specialty to zero in on, examine our article about utilizing Google Trends for member advertising.



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