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How to write content for website that ranks

How to write content for website that ranks

In this article, you’ll learn about why content writing is important and how you write content for a website that ranks good on google.

Here are some points , Why Content Writing is Important

What is Content you ask ? Well, Content is anything you find on the internet , it may be a picture,  a video or may be a web content or graphs etc. 

When most people hear “content writing”, they think “writing articles”. But Content-writing is not just writing articles. We can also copy the material from google and simply  paste it though.  But we have to make some certain changes on that pasted material. So google can’t discover that it is copied .

Well , In Today’s days everything is pretty much digital. So, whenever we talk about making our business online. Thus, We put some material on a website for marketing.

So, clever marketing all depends on our content what we put though. For making our website valuable there are some strategies we would talk about it later.

Well,  you might think Why write content while you can represent it as a pictorial form or through a video. There are plenty of reasons why we choose to write content instead of pictorial form. 

Never underrated the power of well-written content. It attracts people to your site or profile and can keep them returning for more. After all, who doesn’t adore reading an article that educates and briefs.

How Content-Writing plays an important role in marketing

  • Helps In Build Awareness 

Putting your business and ideas online can take time. You need to get buyers on your side and let them discover more about what you are selling. Pushing content on various channels will help you to do this. Using your social accounts, newsletters, blog, and website to make contact, well written and useful content that relates to your brand will show your potential to your interested customers.

  • Written Content Help SEO 

In fact , a combined content is important. A written marketing content is important for SEO ranking. A video positions higher when there is written content with it. Whether there is a video or an article or a script they all use Keywords this will help us to drive SEO . 

  • Writing helps building your business 

Putting regular content tells people what your business is about and informs them about what you do and advises how you can help them. 

  • Good Content Earns More Business Links 

If your Web Content is relevant to your business sites and your product then there is a good chance for you to get higher ranking on SEO . 

  • Good Content Always Shared 

Good content is always shared , That’s a fact , if your content is relevant or best then using keywords then it has a high chance of sharing. The more your content is shared the more you have a chance to get review on your sites. 

  • Written Content Maintain Clients 

If you’re a set up business, without a doubt you will be hoping to maintain clients. Having a good content technique can help this arrangement. Consider your number one brand and why it’s your favorite brand ?  It has some branding with content whether it is written or pictorial. Viewer reads some good stuff and  impressed by the existing product or site.

How You Ranks Good On Google – 

Every business wants to see their business or websites succeed online. It can be done by bringing traffic to your sites. One of the simplest ways to bring traffic on your sites is by Google Searches.


One significant factor to remember is that Google positions pages individually. It implies you should work out a wide range of pages focusing on various keywords. To rank well, having a site isn’t sufficient. You will require various pages with unique content  to be seen by Google. While there are various systems for improving the content on your site, some will work better compared to other people.

As per the picture :-

To rank up your website there are major three points to remember – keyword , content and ranking.

1) Ranking Improvement #1 – USE KEYWORD

Keyword is a word or sentence that a user puts into a search box. You have to carefully select the keyword for your web content.

Let’s take an example – Suppose you are writing content for a company that sells the website. So you have to sharply select the keyword for that content , who ranks well on the search. You have to use that keyword on your heading because google uses each heading on a page as a ranking factor.

How you find a right keyword for that website there are two options for it 
  • Recruit a skilled web showcasing organization for an insignificant portion of this to perform exploration and make enhancements for you! This way you can invest more energy maintaining your business and less time stressing over your Google rankings.
  • And Second, Spend your valuable time learning the ins and outs of SEO and content marketing and implement different strategies to see what works.

2) Ranking Improvement #2 – Increase Word-Count 

Word count is a very necessary factor in terms of improving your rankings. The general thumb rule here is that pages with higher word counts tend to perform grater on search engines. You have to keep in mind that every single page from your website receives a unique ranking, so it’s essential to expand the word depending on the entirety of your pages, not only a couple. At any rate, no page on your site ought to have less than 500 words.

3) Ranking Improvement #3 – OPTIMIZE OUTDATED PAGES

Google recognizes the “freshness” of a page by seeing when it was last edited or optimized. If a page on your site hasn’t been touched since quite a while then , Google might observe that it has old-fashioned content and could naturally bring down the page positioning.

Your Website Content as a Ranking Factor –

There are certain ideas to generate content that ranks well on Google. If you are doing that task, then there are a number of platforms to know about SEO to get yourself started! Else you have no time to spend on web business then you can hire a well defined company and  leave the online growth to them. 

If you are doing this by yourself , you may have picked up by now, SEO can be quite time consuming. Hence you’re ready to increase your free time, your rankings, and your leads can be up by right writing skill.


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