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How to Start Blogging to Earn Money

How to Start Blogging to Earn Money

Is it really true to earn money with a blog or its just another myth?

Yes, it’s true that you can earn money with blogging. Anybody who has some basic knowledge of blogging, SEO, and how you can use the internet to start blogging to earn money.

start blogging to earn money

I’ll be honest, blogging is not the easiest way to make money but the fun fact is anybody can do it. But it requires lots of patience, effort, and need some interesting content to build traffic on your blog.

In this article, We’ll talk about how to start a blog and make money with it.

Step by Step procedure to start blogging to earn money

Step 1-  How you can begin a blog

You have two alternative ways to begin a blog when it comes to actual blogging, you can either choose a free platform or you can host your own website.

With free Platform 

If you are new to blogging then you can use WordPress or blogging to start free blogging. They provide you some free hosting services and a few customizations and designing options also they are super easy to use.

Host your own website

If you want to earn money from your blog then you can make your own website and host it with Hostingmug.

One of the best advantages of your own website is you have complete control over your site, and also you’ll have an option to create unique brands promotion(with your own URL).

Step 2 – How you can choose a good blog topic

Your blogging process starts with selecting a good topic for a blog, what happened next is totally depends on the quality of your blog.

With the help of these approaches, you can select a topic for your new blog:

  1. Use Google to search what people are looking for and relevant content for the topic.
  2. Use Twitter to track the current trends and select one of the best.
  3. Write about something you really know and care about.
  4. The blog is not just about written content it can be videos, images, and many more. You also can think about the tutorial videos and list etc.

Step 3 – How you can Drive Traffic on your Blog

Once you are done with your first blog, you might have questions about how you can build traffic on your blog?

Well, you can use Organic Traffic as well as Paid Traffic.

Organic Traffic builds from search engines and it’s totally unpaid, while in Paid Traffic you need to pay some amount for building traffic on your blogs.

For organic traffic, you have to promote your blogs with social media accounts and news blogs, etc.

On the other hand for paid traffic, you pay some amount of money to appear at the top search.

Step 4 – How you can earn money from blogging

When you are done with setting up your blog, you can finally use it for earning money.

You have to keep in mind a few points before using it for earning money.

  • Maintain enough organic traffic.
  • A decent email list.
  • Genuine followers.
  • Content that can converts.

Let’s see a few points on how you can earn money with a blog:

  1. By Selling ads:  One of the simplest ways for making money add some ads link to your sites.

There are two types of ads:

  • CPC Ads – (cost per click) when the user clicks on the ads you are paid for them.
  • CPM Ads – (cost per 1,000 impressions) it depends upon how many users see the ads and it pays a fixed amount.

2. Use Affiliate Links: It adds affiliate links to your blogs also you can get some commission over it whenever a user clicks on the links you are paid for them.

Almost every online e-marketing has affiliate links like Amazon, ASOS, Apple.

3. You can charge for sponsored social media posts:  If you have a strong impact on social media, then you can sponsor some posts and charge for them.

It’s not an easy task but it is very beneficial.



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