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How LinkedIn can help in Lead generation

lead generation

How Linkedin can help in Lead generation

Good quality lead generation is a struggle that is faced by many business owners, entrepreneurs, or freelancers these days. There are several platforms that generate leads, Linkedin is one of the best platforms for generating good leads.

Linkedin gives you a platform where you can publish useful information and also introduce a tool that can help you to generate leads for marketers and salespeople.

Using Linkedin for generating leads is a pretty straightforward process, in case you’re ready to invest some amount of time sharing your experience and leadership.

As we all know Linkedin is a platform that is mainly used for professional networking, allows people to post their resumes, and companies to post jobs. It represents a real-world professional relationship that allows members to create profiles and connect. 

In this article, we will discuss some tricks how to generate leads through Linkedin and how it is helpful:

Shall we start?

lead generation

Is Linkedin is a good choice for social media marketing?

While thinking of a platform for social media marketing, Linkedin isn’t the most obvious choice. However, Linkedin offers good B2B marketing opportunities.

In fact, according to the marketer’s guide, 82% of marketers use Linkedin for B2B marketing, because it is good at decision-maker and it is quite frequented by top-level influencers.

With the right strategy, you can easily grab their attention and this will help you to grow your business. Although, you can use Linkedin to increase traffic and brand trustworthiness.


Lead generation

Strategy Parameters:

So, it’s time to see if I could found the right strategy. It’s very important to decide what the right strategy is, so according to me it should meet the following conditions:

  1. Repeatable and not time-consuming
  2. Generate leads frequently
  3. No need to spend money on ads
  4. No fake leads

Complete Your LinkedIn profile:

One of the most important steps in LinkedIn for lead generation is to complete and keep an up-to-date profile. It offers a first sight look at your skills also offers you, interested clients and recruiters.

Therefore, it’s enough to make a powerful impact on the first impression.

This is mainly important for business entrepreneurs and freelancers who are looking for new projects and assignments.

Hence, your LinkedIn profile should contain relevant information about you and including your work experience, job titles, academic background, professional achievements, etc.

Make connections:

Once you are done with creating a profile, start viewing our target profiles and wait to see who reviews us back. Whenever someone views us back, we get a sign that they are interested in our profile or a first opt-in point. When someone views your profile, your next step is to make a connection for this, you have to send them a connection request.

This connection request is always individualized. Don’t write standard Linkedin messages it’s boring and gives no factors of information so why someone would want to make connections with you.

Address your target personally and stand out from the other connections. Also, give them a reason to connect with you. Personalized connection requests always increase the chances of someone accepting your connection request.


After sending a connection request wait for some time to see who accepts your connection requests. Waiting for our targets to take action and avoids fake leads for anyone who isn’t interested in interacting with us. When someone accepts our connections request, the next step is to send a message to them

The message you are sending them should thank them for accepting the request and introduce make-up a time to talk. These messages shouldn’t be overly self-asserting but merely look forward to starting a conversation and continue to grow the relationship with your target.

If someone doesn’t respond to you after few days then send a follow-up message. Maybe they will give you a chance but don’t push them that much. If someone isn’t responding then they probably aren’t interested in your profile.

Don’t Ignore Optimization:

Also, never ignores the potential of (SEO)search engine optimization, which isn’t limited to Google. In fact, you can use the principles of SEO to optimize your Company Page as well as your LinkedIn profile.

Why it is important?

It gives you ensures that your name or your brand shows up when someone searches for products or services related to your name and brand, on and off LinkedIn. This SEO also makes it extremely beneficial for LinkedIn lead generation.

The very first step for set SEO is choosing the right keywords that you want for your profile to rank for. To do this thing requires an understanding of the search queries and phrases that you are using to your target audience is likely to use. Just like SEO, you also can optimize your profile for long keywords to target more specific leads.

If you want to drive more traffic to your profile, you need to including your website URL on your LinkedIn profile. Thus this turn will open new opportunities for business by connecting you with the right clients.


Publish Engaging Content:

You can also make yourself more discoverable on LinkedIn by posting content regularly and relevant to your profile. This will optimize your profile and Company Page by SEO and this will keep you up. Also, you have to publish high-quality, original, and relevant content.

How it will help?

This will help you to maintain your position as an authority figure on certain subjects, and strengthen your reputation as an industry thought leader. Similarly, this will help you in LinkedIn lead generation.

When you are creating content for LinkedIn, you must understand why someone chooses to spend their time on your platform. They are not looking for unnecessary and ordinary blog posts.

Instead of unnecessary content, they are looking for quality content that will educate them and also help them to stay abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

Therefore, you should have to publish that may generate leads to your industry. Make sure your leads make a unique perspective to every piece of content.

Answer questions asked by target:

Many group members used LinkedIn for discussion boards, and you’ll find many questions posted on your post. Make time, and answer a few questions, and or post a few discussions question by yourself. Respond to those questions that are relevant to your expertise or something important to you, ignore unnecessary questions.

This makes a huge impression on your profile. If you find a question on your profile, you can answer to them whom you want to do business with who’s relatively senior in a company. Write a detailed and high-value response. You never know who’s reading the answer given by you. Lots of members make a door from it because of the expertise they lend to a discussion.


Use these tips in your daily routine, this will require a lot of time, but it’s easy to join the conversation for a few minutes each day and check in with various groups. Also, LinkedIn is very helpful for generating leads and constantly evolving, so keep an eye on it.

This will helps you to grow continues, and people will find new and smarter ways to use it. this will help you to dive into something new and generates good leads.


Anjali V.

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