5 Plugins To Boost WordPress Website Speed

boost your wordpress website speed

5 Plugins To Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

If your website takes longer to load, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss 5 important plugins to boost your WordPress website speed.

You put so much effort into developing your WordPress website, it’d be very disappointing if one little thing could be its entire undoing that is the speed of your website.

Your WordPress website must load quickly (under 3-4 seconds) because more than 50 % of mobile user bounces if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Which results in bounce rate of your website.

There are many tools to test your website speed

  • Load Impact
  • Google Page Speed
  • GTmetrix
  • Web Page Test
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test
  • IsItWP

Some simple steps you can make to boost your WordPress website speed:

  • Choose WordPress hosting as per your requirements.
  • Get your website size down to low as possible.
  • Reduce the number of posts on the homepage.
  • WordPress theme quality should be good.
  • Plugins should only be installed when they are in use.

Some well-reviewed WordPress plugins to optimize your website.

1. WP Super Cache: For Fast Rendering

WP super cache is the popular free caching plugin for your WordPress website.
Many top hosting companies offer built-in caching solutions with their managed WordPress hosting.

if you are on a shared hosting plan, then you need to install a caching plugin for your WordPress site.

Advantages: –

1. It is free.
2. UI is good which makes it easy to use.
3. You are able to preload content into the cache.
4. It helps you to set up a CDN.

Disadvantages: –

1. Basic knowledge is required.
2. No lazy load option available.
3. You can’t optimize google fonts.

2. OMGF: Host Google Fonts Locally

OMGF stands for Optimize My Google Fonts. It is designed to function Google fonts.

OMGF uses the google fonts helper API to automatically cache the fonts your theme and plugins use to minimize DNS requests and speed up your WordPress website.

After installing it you have to choose your optimization mode:

  • In Manual mode, you are able to configure OMGF in the way you want.
  • In the Automatic function, OMGF runs silently in the background and catches any requests made to fonts.

Advantages: –

1. It have a free version available.
2. Capable to generates a stylesheet of all your Google fonts.
3. For a faster load time, it sends fonts from CDN.

Disadvantages: –

1. To use more features you have to purchase the pro version.
2. Basic knowledge is required, this tool is not for novices.
3. Misconfiguration may slow your site’s loading time.

3. BJ Lazy Load: Decreasing Page Load

The idea behind lazy loading is to defer the loading of images that are not in the viewport. In simple words, the images which are not displayed on the screen of the user and are below the fold will not be loaded until the user scroll to them.
It reduces the number of things to be loaded which results in faster webpages.

Lazy load to boost wordpress website speed

This plugin is very much effective if the website has tons of images, so it is for those who are developing a photography-like website.

This plugin uses jquery Sonar for spotting the distance of the element from the viewport and the Lazy loading is done by a custom JS script.

Advantages: –

1. It is a free resource to download.
2. It enables you to customize to choose the placeholder and skip the images.
3. Also supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Disadvantages: –

1. This plugin may cause high CPU usage.
2. No technical support available.
3. Compatibility issues may arise with the latest version of WordPress software.
4. The Last update was 3 years ago.

4. WP-Optimize: Optimizing The Database

This is a simple, popular, and highly powerful tool that has everything you need to keep your website fast.
It is an all-in-one tool that allows you to clean your database, compress your large images, and cache your files.

All in one tool to boost WordPress website speed

This simple process guarantees that you will see a big jump in performance and measurable page speed results on tools like Google page speed and GtMetrix.

WP-Optimize is not only good for speeding up your website but you will also see an improved website ranking in search engines.

WP-Optimize pricing

There are three plans to choose from:

Advantages: –

1. Free version is available.
2. It also schedules automatic clean ups.
3. This is an all-in-one tool.
4. It sets automatic pre-optimization backups.
5. Easy to use.

Disadvantages: –

1. Advance settings may break your site.
2. For more features you have to purchase premium version.

 5. ShortPixel: Image Compression

It is an online image compression plugin that can treat slow-loading webpages that takes more time to load.

Shortpixel to boost wordpress website speed

There are many ways that help to load your website faster. But one of the best and important things you can do is optimize your images.

Images make up 60% of an average website’s file size. As they’re such a big part of your site, finding ways to shrink their size is going to make a big difference to your website’s loading time.

Mainly there are two ways to use shortpixel for compressing images, pdf’s and GIF’s

  • WordPress Plugin – ShortPixel WP plugin allows you to compress images inside the WordPress dashboard.
  • Online compressor – This allows you to compress images online.

Advantages: –

  1. All types of conversion are available.
  2. It can also be used for an unlimited number of websites.
  3. There is no file size limit.
  4. Fair pricing plans.

Disadvantages: –

  1. Panoramic images become blurred.
  2. You only get 100 credits per month, after that you have to pay .

So these were 5 plugins to boost your WordPress website.
Feel free to comment your views in the comment box.


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