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10 Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing

Are you planning to spend money on digital marketing? If your answer is yes, then you must know there is a need for an accurate report on the performance of your campaigns.

In this article, I’ll showcase to you the best 10 reporting tools for digital marketing that track and measure the return or arrival of your marketing spend across channels.

Each industry, brand, and group has to promote marketing goals. Possibly your team also needs the help of web-based media presence, track site traffic, or focus on lead generation.

Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing
Digital marketing analytics

Whatever your target, you will need a continuous real-time analytics dashboard to follow the achievement or failure of different marketing activities.

According to a recent study, every minute counts for digital marketing agencies. Their first biggest challenge is “managing reporting & managing time” or another challenge is “getting new clients”.

If you are working in digital marketing agencies then you must know how closely clients are monitoring & judges your productivity.

Let’s take a quick view about what is Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing and what they work:

Basically, Reporting tools are software that provides reporting, various decision-making techniques, and business intelligence capabilities. Although, it is also used for converting raw data into knowledgeable and valuable information.

These tools also allow you to extract and present the data into charts, tables, graphs, and other representation formats.

Reporting tools –

They play a vital role in business operations, as they allow analytics teams to generate continuously updated snapshots of essential areas of the business, therefore those snapshots can be passed to other parts of the team for monitoring, or making adjustments, or just generating overall charts & graphs or “sixth sense” assumption about how things are going and working.

Therefore the line between “reporting tools,” “analytics tools,” and “business intelligence tools” can get suspiciously fast, especially when some software packages let users do some sort of thing changes.

Here is a following handpicked list of Top 10 Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing in the market, with their well-known features and website links.

  1. Cyfe
  2. Google analytics
  3. Jotform
  4. Moz Pro
  5. CallRail
  6. Supermetrics
  7. Typeform
  8. Rebrandly
  9. BiG EVAL
  10. SAP Crystal Reports

Let’s understand them in detail –

1. Cyfe:

Cyfe is one of the best CRM-based platforms in the market because it puts all the data and provides a single dashboard that analyses and analytics tools we use and puts them all in one place. Also, it is best for marketing also as it integrates with Google Spreadsheets, we can easily add information like backlinks, or numbers, or some content into specific areas.

As it put all the data into the dashboard and gives us a unique URL that we can send to the client. This will reduce the time we spend reporting to the clients.


Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing

This tool also helps to track performance metrics across dozens of platforms. Hence, the clients also appreciate this feature as they do not need to log in to each platform for analytics as they can see everything they want on dashboards that cyfe customize for each account to make work easy.

2. Google analytics:

Google Analytics is also a good choice for marketing reporting tools. Many of you might feel that reporting suite is ‘too basic’, but it is not that simple is not looking hard enough.

While Google Analytics has been around for seems like all the time, the arrangement is continually developing to help marketers.

For example, keen bits of knowledge as ‘‘Analytics intelligence’, which will feature operations that are performing effectively, and differently, crusades that need your consideration, without the requirement for you quickly drill down further into reports.

Hence it is packed with reporting data for marketers and advertisers uniformly. You just need to know what practice reports and how to build that can unlock that data for your interest.

3. Jotform:

Jotform is another online reporting marketing tool – in case we’re regarding the matter of tossing curves. Since input and client overviews are the bread and butter of client journey improvements, it makes well sense to have a couple of tools readily available that can deal with this.

With Jotform, you can make beautiful online reviews & surveys that can be greatly customized. When the survey is made, you can insert it on your site and begin gathering feedback from the clients.

Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing

You could likewise utilize these structures to accumulate visitor blog entry entries, application commercial center posting submissions, and that’s only the tip of the listing requests and many more.

4. Moz Pro:

Moz Pro is an undoubtedly good all-in-one SEO reporting tool. It is created by leading industry experts, Moz Pro is basically designed to remove the SEO complexity. This helps in marketing strategies targets and also track the performance of organic keywords that plays an important part in ranking the site.

One of the popular features of Moz Pro is it has the ability to track and report on keyword rankings, whereby you can analyze performance over time and benchmark your performance against competitors of your choosing.

It also has many popular features that include analyzing performance over time & benchmark performance against competitors that you choose.

You can likewise use Moz Pro to crawl and audit your site. Similarly, you can also find any potential issues which may upset your performance in organic search results like Google.

Consolidate this with amazing on-page improvement ideas and scores, with external link establishment assets and examination instruments. And also you can begin to perceive any reason why this is driving announcing apparatuses when it comes to SEO.

5. CallRail:

CallRail is the call-specific reporting tool. It will help you to insight into how, when, and from where someone called your business.

It also provides you detailed dashboard, where you can see their location, also their browsing session that will help you to had a clear picture of their funnel stage.

Even though calls produce the best transformations for advertisers. Common call transformation rates are 30-half. That is silly when contrasted with normally low, single-digit online conversion rates.

6. Supermetrics:

Supermetrics is more likely to Cyfe, it collects data from multiple tools into a single absolute dashboard. Be that as it may, rather than its own platform, it depends on the network with Google Data Studio to show measurements and information.

Supermetrics can compile data utilizing PPC devices, SEO tools, social, and website analytics. It doing the entirety of the hard work for you automatically.

You can also schedule the report data to be collected, curated, and sent straight to your inbox in CSV format.

The best feature of Supermetrics is automation. It consistently scrubs each connected platform you need to pull real-time data, emailing you weekly, monthly or quarterly reports based on your needs.

Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing

This tool also includes templates for reports that are built by professional data analysts. Therefore, you don’t need to spend hours trying to become the next Avinash as well.

7. Typeform:

So this idea is somewhat of a curve. While I like that you’re probably feeling that Typeform has no put on this list, as obviously, it’s used for reviews & surveys, correct? Well, permit me to clarify what’s highlighted features here…

While Typeform is utilized for reviews & surveys, the motivation behind such surveys is obviously, to collect data. Hence, as it’s a data-collecting tool, it can likewise be utilized to introduce your finding.

Typeform is a survey response tool that helps you to categorize the response in an average time period. It categorizes the response by Total visits, Unique visits, or completion rate. Furthermore, with the upgradation of it, you can seamlessly create the reports in a chart like a bar, pie, or doughnut form.

8. Rebrandly:

If you are using link tracking to reports for building traffic to your website. Then Rebrandly is the best option for you as they shorter the link into one step and you can also create branded links with this.

It also offers few features that make it is a great tool. Features like –  Traffic routing, deep linking, and editable destination URLs. Additionally, it has the ability to add pixels to your branded links then retargeting the people who clicked those links via Google ads or Facebook, or many more platforms.

However, Rebrandly also offers reporting tools for digital marketing & robust analytics for marketers. Using this also helps you to get to know from which country you are getting more clicks and which time of the day.

With all these features it will make Rebrandly data-driven decisions are a piece of cake. That used for reporting, insights, or link romance also.

9. BiG EVAL:

BiG EVAL is a comprehensive set-up for a reporting tool that pointed toward utilizing the worth of big business data by consistently approving and checking quality. It automates testing the tasks during report and examine the development and gives quality measurements production.

It maintains Data Quality Measuring and Assisted Problem Solving techniques. Also, its autopilot testing agile development gives analytical data models and data warehouses.

Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing

Although, it gives a clear dashboard & alerting process. Provides High-performance in-memory scripting and rules engine that make work easier and faster.

Also, abstraction for any kind of data like (RDBMS, APIs, Flatfiles, Business applications cloud) is much easy.

10. SAP Crystal Reports:

SAP Crystal Report helps you with building reports from SAP and other non-SAP information sources like Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, and so forth. The information on this tool helps the business chiefs in creating an advanced level of reports and making exact/productive & profitable decisions.

Reporting Tools for Digital Marketing

This tool allows you to interact with various data sources, also provides easy interaction with SAP HANA. It’s a powerful report writer & designer.

Although, this tool is very flexible in application development. It has an easy navigation system. This is also one of the best reporting tools for digital marketing that helps you to track the data and keep them in an organized manner.



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