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10 Highest paying PTC sites in 2021

10 Highest paying PTC sites in 2021

You are willing to earn money from home just by clicking and clicking nothing else, then you are in right place. Here we talk about some High paying PTC sites that’ll help you to earn money without so many efforts.

High paying PTC sites

“What are PTC Sites?” 

Basically, PTC stands for “paid to click“. It’s an online business that acts as an intermediator between sponsors and customers. The sponsors are paid for showing ads on the PTC site, and a piece of this payment goes to the viewer when he sees the ad.

Advantages of PTC Sites:

  • No need for any qualification for doing this.
  • These sites are easy to use.
  • They also provide other income resources along with clicking ads.
  • Registration of PTC sites is free all over the world.

Disadvantages of PTC Sites:

  • All popular sites only pay one or two percent per click which means if you want a good amount then you have lots of ads click.
  • Usually pay is very less for all sites.
  • You have to ensure that your site is running for at least form 2 years.

Here are some best High paying PTC sites you can use:

1. InboxPounds:

This website is very easy to use, you just have to login and you became its member. You just need to complete the given tasks that are offered by InboxPounds. The number of tasks presents there you can choose any of them to earn money like watching videos, playing online games, all the exciting things.

The best part of this site is you earn cash instead of points, isn’t this motivational enough for digging into it?

2. Start-Click:

Start click is a highly trusted PTC site. You just have to register and click on the advertising link and you get instantly paid for every click. Also, you can make money with the referred link, the more people sign up with your referred link more you can earn.

3. Scarlet click:

With a Scarlet click, you can earn commissions up to 100% after affiliate from them. Also, you can rent affiliate links for a period of time and earn extra money.

They provide you a forum features where you can see other people’s reviews, opinions, strategies to earn money.

4. Get Paid:

The Get paid is a website that accepts registrations worldwide. The best part of this website it is straightforward you just have to click on the ad link and wait for the page to fully load and then leave it open only for one minute. There are various options to earn money.

5. Neobux:

Neobux provides various services like completing tasks, playing games, providing offers, etc. You can undoubtedly earn $50-$200 per month from this website. You have to use laptops, desktops for this it is not compatible with mobile.

6. ySense:

It is earlier known as Clixsense. The best part of this website is this paid you for a lifetime. You can refer this to other people and it paid you for that.

7. Offer Nation:

All the other sites offer nation also provides you some features to earn money like complete the task, watching movie and more.

The points you earn from it you can exchange with cash or a gift card.

8. Rewardingways:

Rewardingways provides you a quick task selection from “Minutestaff” for more income. It also has the same features as all other sites.

9. Clixsese:

Clixsense is a big platform and is used by thousands of people.

On Clixsense, you are paid for completing tasks, playing games, and taking surveys. Taking surveys is the best way to earn money. It has a Clix add-on, that adds to your internet browser.

10. Yougetprofit:

Once you registered, it shows you the ads section, click on one ad and wait for it to load. When the time stops, you have to choose the correct answer on the multiple-choice section, and you are instantly paid for it

Besides, you also paid to promote Yougetprofit. You will get bonus points for every member you referred.


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