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10 Free Task management tool to use in 2021

10 Free Task management tool to use in 2021

Nowadays, Task Management is a big issue in companies and also in small businesses. It’s very difficult to handle your daily task and big projects work at the same time.

To overcome these situations all you need is a good task management tool that can help you to manage your daily tasks and saves your time.

You might have a question “What is a task management tool“?

It is used to monitoring your all projects from various stages from starting to finish and helps to increase productivity. Also helps in project planning, tracking, testing, and reporting also helps you to reach the goal.

Task management refines your work in many scenarios like:

  • Makes your work more organized.
  • Bring focus to your goal.
  • Helps you to reach your target in an organized way.

There are several tools for task management in the market. Here, we’ll talk about a few of them:


It allows you to modify everything, so you have a platform that works for you. It additionally authorized you to do programmed planning within efficient time, and you can choose who will see what on the platform.

If you want to manage your task in an efficient manner then this software is for you it can help you to manage your current task and also helps you to manage your further small task or full project in one place.

Features of ClickUp:

  • Task Checklist
  • Multitask Toolbar
  • Image Mockups
Task management tool

It provides a forever free package, also provides you Two-factor Authentication, Storage of up to 100MB, you can have unlimited members and tasks.


If you want to monitor what everybody is working on, then you can use asana. This program allows you to create a task list you have to do also you can move it as you want. Provides you a virtual timeline where you can see everything you have to do.

It works better because you can link the other applications like (dropbox, google calendar, slack, etc) that make your work easy.

Features of Asana:

  • Kanbans Boards
  • Project Management
  • Remote Teams

In its basic package, it gave you forever membership. You can have unlimited tasks, projects, messages also provide time-track integration and mobile apps.


If you are looking for document management and communication features then this tool is for you. You can set priority to your task that needs to be done first and make sure your team also work on priority task. If you already in use of Outlook or Calendar you can sync your task and keep everything work together.

With this tool, you can use Gantt charts, which create the timelines for you, also get the more simple process for up-to-date the task.

Features of Wrike:

  • 360-degree visibility
  • Enable batter collaboration

Task management tool

Its free package provides you space up to 2GB, and file sharing, task management, and many more features that are more affordable.


TaskQue is a cooperation tool design to expand your profitability. Like your online task manager, it allows you to focus on your work and stop worrying about the time limit. With TaskQue, you can make your task process automatic and utilize your resources for profitability.

Features of TaskQue:

  • Productivity Tool
  • Collaboration tool
  • Usage Tool

The free plan provides you 1GB space and you can save attachment up to 5MB, its free for a team up to 5 members.


Bitrix24 helps to manage numerous tasks day-by-day. It offers features of project management to manage your workflow. Bitrix24 makes your task simple with resource management alternatives and intelligent Gantt diagrams. It offers numerous features like task dependencies, reports, workflow.

Features of Bitrix24:

  • CRM
  • Online Store
  • Administration

Task management tool

In the free package, Bitrix24 provides you a 5GB of online storage as well as free for all users.


Hitask is a task management tool, that makes your work simple and quick for the new project. It uses a file library, calendar and sends the notification to synchronize your workflow.

It also allows you to manage tasks on phones. Also provides you a single screen dashboard feature where you can create a new task or divides it into a sub-task.

Features of Hitask:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Selective sharing permission
  • Document storage

It frees up to 5 users of the team and allows you to have unlimited tasks and projects.


Trello is a task management tool that helps you in project management, it is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool that makes it the first choice among all. Basically, it is based on kanban boards that allow you to work in a team on different tasks.

Trello can be used for your personal use or it can manage your simple task that has fewer complications.

Features of Trello:

  • Time Tracking
  • Easy to use

Task management tool

The free package provides you unlimited storage up to 10MB, supports mobile apps, you can have unlimited members.


Pipefy is a work management platform that helps an organization control its task flow. You can easily appoint activities, set up time limits, track task performance, and up to date with the progress of your task.

It divides each project into phases and is managed by the kanban method. Also, you can decide what phase you want to work in.

Features of Pipefy:

  • Public Form
  • Automation
  • E-mail Templets

If you are a student or you have a startup then its free package is for you.

n Task:

nTask is an easy and straightforward assignment software used by organizational team groups. It very well manages multiple projects at the same time. It can be beneficial for your personal use.

You have the ability to create many workspaces for different projects and organizations.

Features of nTask:

  • Meeting Management
  • Risk Management
  • Issue Tracking

In the basic package, it’s free up to 5 members of the team, Unlimited workspace, storage up to 100MB.


The backlog is an all-in-one code and project management tool. It combines the organizational benefits and version control. Its track, assign and release code right with regular project work with built-in Git and SVN repositories.

Features of Backlog:

  • Karban Boards
  • Gantt Charts
  • Custom Status

As per its free package, it includes 10 users and provides storage up to 100MB



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