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Best VPN

10 Best VPN to use in 2021

Best VPN

Are you wondering about the security of your identity and data? Then VPN is the best software that is used to establish a real-time encrypted connection between you and the internet.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and gives you online privacy. It creates a protected network connection while using a public network. VPNs encrypt your internet data and make your identity unrecognizable and also VPN establishes secure and encrypted connections so it provides you great privacy. Thus, it makes it difficult to track your online activity or data you are sharing online.

Why we need a VPN?

Browsing the web or perform online transactions on an unsecured Wi-Fi network means you could reveal your private information and browsing histories. Here virtual private network(VPN) plays an important role, this software should be a must for anyone who concerned about their online security and privacy.

For example- Suppose you are reading emails at the coffee shop or checking your bank account using the public wifi network then might be someone spying on your vulnerable data that mean all the information is going to another person and he can hack your device.

The VPN provides you with features like encryption and anonymity that help you to protect your online activities: sending emails, shopping online, or paying bills also VPN helps you to keep your web browsing anonymous.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best VPNs that are used to protect your data and also pocket-friendly.

  1. NordVPN (www.nordvpn.com)
  2. ExpressVPN (www.expressvpn.com)
  3. Surfshark (www.surfshark.com)
  4. FastestVPN (www.fastestvpn.com)
  5. IPVanish (www.ipvanish.com)
  6. ProtonVpn (www.protonvpn.com)
  7. Hotspot Shield (www.hotspotshield.com)
  8. Private Internet Access (www.privateinternetaccess.com)
  9. TunnelBear (www.tunnelbear.com)
  10. CyberGhost (cyberghostvpn.com)

Let’s understand them in detail:

1. NordVPN:

Best VPN

NordVPN is one of the famous brands in the VPN field. It offers a feature that counts connections, also offers six concurrent connections through its network, where all other providers offer five or fewer connections. This VPN also offers an exclusive IP option, for those who look for a different level of VPN connection.

It offers one of the best kill switch features and gives you the ability to VPN into Tor. There are no privacy leaks during tests.

NordVPN’s speeds were reliably fast as compare to other VPNs. There is no system failure problem, it performs well during these problems.

Its two-year subscription plan costs $3.71 per month, it also has a full 30-day refund policy.

Nord’s include multiple security audits also a bug bounty program, and heavier server security.

2. ExpressVPN:

Best VPN

ExpressVPN is the second on our list, It takes a top place in many tests, including the best VPN for torrenting,  routers, and iOS devices, because it’s a solid and most reliable option.

This VPN offers 3,000+ high-speed servers at 90 global locations, also one of the fastest VPNs as far our test. It also impressed us with the fact that our connections just for 22% and 35% during the test, it’s a good result. These are excellent VPNs for streamers and torrenters around the world.

Also, introduce a feature split tunneling that allows you to customize ExpressVPN according to your needs by selecting which apps and services are encrypted. It just took only a moment to set up and worked perfectly.

ExpressVPN also supports P2P(peer to peer) connections on all servers, hence you don’t need to torrenting profile. Its Smart Location feature allows you to choose the best server for you. It only takes 15 minutes to torrent a movie, it’s a fast and easy process.

It is a TrustedServer technology that guarantees that every ExpressVPN server always loads secure, up-to-date software that greatly reduces the security risks. ExpressVPN is TrustedServer that means it operates using RAM because no server writes on a hard drive. Thus it offers an extraordinary level of security.

Also, provide 24/7 Customer service support that introduces a live chat feature and detailed setup guides that support multiple platforms.

3. Surfshark:

Best VPN

Surfshark has really got its place in the VPN market in a couple of last years, it offers a killer service that obviously a USP… price

When it comes to keeping your online identity secure, Surfshark is the best. In addition, It boasts a private DNS and gives an extraordinary security cover via a double VPN hop.

The main feature that draws our mind to Surfshark is its unbelievable pricing. Its monthly package cost less than $2.50 USD / £2 GBP / $3.50 AUD.

And it also allows unlimited connections, too. So if you are using this VPN for your personal use like on your laptop, desktop (compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux), tablet, and mobile phones (compatible with iOS and Android both) and Amazon Fire TV Stick for watching overseas TV, than the one account will cover all of them for you simultaneously.

4. FastestVPN:

Best VPN

Whenever you use FastestVPN, you can easily connect your Prime Video with other countries. Also, you can jump from one country to another country very easily, and when you connect this to other countries you don’t face slowdowns and latency, it’s making our streaming process seamless and frustration-free.

When it comes to speed, it’s not the fastest as it name. But VPN performed so well on, whatever you are using MAC or Windows you don’t expect sudden slowdowns while connected to FastestVPN.

Also, when it comes to security it secures your online privacy with its encrypted process. Similarly, they didn’t log any of our webs traffic or IP address of our devices.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Login attempts
  • Email address

Once we deactivate our account and done with testing, FastestVPN completely removed the email address from their database. It is the best option for privacy purposes.

If you’re are obsessed with TV and movies, then you’ll love the FastestVPN as the fact you can access multiple streaming services. FastestVPN works on Netflix and also works well with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Roku, plus the PS4 and the Xbox for the gamers.


5. IPVanish:

Best VPN

IPVanish provides you a service that has some impressive stats: 40,000+ shared IPs, 1,600+ VPN servers in 70+ locations and unlimited concurrent connections also provides  24/7 customer support.

You can access IPVanish directly from your Android or iOS app on mobile.

IPVanish is very comforting to use when you get started. It represents the data into graphs and charts in the desktop app that does it. When it comes to speeds (it’s average, but not fast as some of the names above) and security-based (AES-256 encryption, kill switch, DNS, and IPv6 leak protection) and pocket friendly. It’s a great choice for privacy-conscious.

IPVanish’s introduce you to more settings and options that have the ability to configure it to your ideal setup.

6. ProtonVPN:

ProtonVPN easily loads new server locations (growing its network by more than a third) and makes improvements to its iOS and Android VPN apps and Linux client.

When it comes to speed ProtonVPN impressively small 9.6% speed compared to average speeds without a VPN.  However, ProtonVPN’s security has high standards and a legacy of clarity may make this VPN worth the price.

ProtonVPN’s free package option allows users to connect to only three servers, with no limitations on data.

7. Hotspot Shield:

Best VPN

Hotspot Shield is a popular name among VPN providers, although it provides free VPN, but we can really say that it’s working very harder on its premium VPN product. Thus that means they climbed their rankings nicely.

According to the test, the major highlight is its Performance, with Hotspot Shield’s delivers the fastest speed that consistent download speeds. Speeds remain high in some of the most distant locations, too.

As well as you will be able to run the services on native Windows, Mac, Android, or IOS apps. Also, introduce A SmartVPN feature – that lets you select which websites you want VPN bypassed.

8. Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access (PIA) has been ruling around for some time and built a loyal following of users that appreciate its reliability and commitment to privacy.

It offers 10 concurrent connections that should cover plenty of your household’s devices on one plan, and the WireGuard boosts the speeds. Although, if you thought of a longer subscription, PIA offers great value, too.

But its unblocking and support facilities are not that good. If you’re looking simple, secure VPN then PIA is not that bad.

9. TunnelBear:

Best VPN

TunnelBear is a Canadian-based VPN service that along with a strong significance on ease-to-use and bear-related humor. Fortunately, sometimes it’s a closes the running thing

It gets scores plus points for privacy, with the company specialists to run a public security audit on its servers, systems, and code. If only other providers were that brave.

While we’re regarding the matter of different providers, be that as it may, TunnelBear comes up with a couple of territories of direct examination. There’s help first off, with not a great deal of online articles and a total oversight of live visit support present. You can’t pay by PayPal for your membership (despite the fact that Bitcoin clients have that choice) and it’s extremely surprising nowadays not to see an unconditional promise accessible in case you’re disappointed. So on the off chance that you truly like the vibe of this supplier, we’d propose trying the underpowered free form out first.

But if you’re happy with the basics package, there’s plenty of features to like here. Its performance is very high and it’s very speedy so it is also one of the best VPN services.

10. CyberGhost:

CyberGhost is a smart choice for the combination they offer reliability, security, ease-of-use, and price.

CyberGhost boasts setup is very easy it is done with one-click and also it has an automatic connection to the fastest server. It just connects with the new server within 15 seconds.

It is also easy to navigate the app’s basic and advanced settings. Similarly, you can set up some smart rules and customize your connection features according to your need.

With the help of dedicated servers for streaming it’s very easy to unlock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Facebook, and more.

Well, it’s not as fast as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but CyberGhost but offers excellent speeds for buffer-free streaming and more.


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